Around mui

mui is surrounded by generous
and borderless space, people,
nature, local villages, sacred places,
life and history

Everything is connected
by the softly blowing breeze

Miibaru Beach

A long white sandy beach with large mushroom-shaped rocks eroded by the waves. This untouched natural beach, which has escaped development, is shallow off the shore, giving gentle waves.
Being on this beach enables you to truly slow down your internal clock and relax. Enjoy curry and beer at Shokudo Kalika, and see the fantastic ‘moon carpet’ and enjoy the sound of the waves when there is a full moon. Glass boats are also recommended for those with children.

Hyakuna Beach

After passing through the wooden tunnel, you can see the ocean stretched out before you. There is nothing but sand and sea, where you can enjoy a pleasant stroll along the seemingly endless sandy beach while listening to the sound of the sea, feeling the sand beneath your feet and the breeze carried across the sea.


This is a sacred beach where Amamikiyo, the creator goddess of the land of Ryukyu (the kingdom which once flourished on Okinawa Island), is said to have set her first step on the island of Okinawa after she descended on the island of Kudaka.
Climbing the stone steps at the back of the beach, you will find a small shrine (Hamagawa Utaki) with a translunary atmosphere in a quiet forest with the sound of bubbling spring water and the air of gentle Ryukyuan prayer.

Kakinohana Hiijaa(垣花樋川)
Nakandakari Hiijaa

This was a local water fetching place, used in the days when there was no man-made water supply.With its abundant water source, rice cultivation flourished here in the past.
The village nearby is said to be the birthplace of rice cultivation in Okinawa, and the rice straws have been used in traditional events such as tug-of-war games that are still enjoyed today.Even today, one of Okinawa’s most famous waters still gush forth and the sound of the water provides a tranquil background. This oasis, situated between the quiet, stone-paved forest and the spectacular view of Kudaka Island, remains a favorite spot for local residents.

The Ruins of Tamagusuku

This place has been an important place of worship since the days of the Ryukyu Kingdom. It is located on a hill with a spectacular view from an elevation of about 180 meters above sea level. After going along the stairway of the promenade, you will see an impressive circular gateway made of hollowed-out limestone, from which you can enjoy a panoramic view of Kudaka Island and the central and southern parts of the main island of Okinawa.

Ou Island

A small island about two kilometers in circumference, connected to the main island by a short bridge. It is famous for the Haarii (Dragon Boat Racing) held on May 4 of the lunar calendar during the Sea God Festival to pray for good catches and safe voyages.The island is a popular spot for fresh fish and tempura. You can see the unique sights of this island of fishermen, such as the sun-dried squid in the summer, children enjoying fishing and diving, and cats seeking out the fish scraps.

Neighborhood Recommendations


Hamabe no Chaya

This seaside café has been called a local legend and has attracted many people over the years.
From the terrace windows, you can enjoy watching the constantly changing ocean, feel the gentle breeze and listen to the sound of the crashing waves.

Yama no Chaya Rakusui

Sister restaurant of Hamabe no Chaya (above).
Here you can enjoy homemade pizza and bread baked in a stone oven.A stroll through the adjoining “Sachibaru no Niwa” (garden of Sachibaru) offers a panoramic view of the ocean from the mountains.

Shokudo Kalika

An authentic Nepalese curry restaurant run by a chef from Nepal.
You can enjoy your meal while looking out at the ocean on the natural white sand beach.The restaurant also offers a wide variety of drinks such as Orion Beer and lassi and side dishes such as samosas. The owner highly recommends coming in on the night of a full moon.


A hideaway restaurant nestled on a small hill.
It offers simple yet authentic Italian course meals prepared with respect for each ingredient including local produce, fresh fish from the local fishing port and organic ingredients.


One of the best restaurants in the south where reservations are hard to come by.
Enjoy dishes that are based on seasonal Okinawan ingredients that can only be tasted here. Each carefully selected ingredient is vibrant and each dish beautifully detailed, promising a memorable evening.
※Please check Ibukuro’s Instagram for how to make a reservation.

Cafe Beans

Café designed by three sisters. In front of the shop, there is a garden with a large banyan tree, which casts a lovely shade.You can enjoy mugwort pasta and cakes decorated with edible flowers they have grown in their garden.

Okinawa Soba Mine

A soba restaurant with a red-tiled roof located on a hill overlooking the ocean.
This restaurant’s Okinawa soba is made with homemade noodles made from 100% domestic wheat and other ingredients and is so delicious that even locals rave about their excellent soba noodles.

Kappo Tsune

A Kappo (Japanese-style) restaurant where locals gather.
You can enjoy authentic Kappo cuisine using fresh seafood as well as Okinawan dishes such as Chanpuru (a traditional stir fry dish).

Ou Island Seafood Diner

A diner located in front of a fishing port on a small island.You can enjoy dishes using freshly caught fish as well as classic Okinawan cuisine.

Ou Island Imaiyu Market

Here you can buy Imaiyu (fresh fish) caught by the island’s fishermen as well as other produce. You can also buy seafood bowls and eat them along the shoreline just in front of the market.


A famous Thai restaurant beloved by locals for many years.You can enjoy authentic Thai cuisine tucked away in a residential area. Enjoy a night in Okinawa with an ethnic dinner.



The studio for hand-printed products such as hand towels and T-shirts.

Grocery store

Kariyushi Market

A market that sells fresh vegetables and fruits that are often found in Okinawa. You can purchase fresh vegetables and fruits that are delivered and arranged by farmers themselves. You may come across rare vegetables and fruits that you don’t usually see. It is a popular market with a local feel.

Ou island Fish market

The local fish market is lined with several fish shops, and you can find rare and colorful fish on display. We also recommend taking some of the local tuna, which is loved by Okinawa, and dried squid, which is a summer tradition, back to your accommodation for dinner or snacks. About 7 minutes by car from mui. Although it is an island, it is a small fisherman’s island that can be crossed by car.

A corp

The nearest supermarket is 5 minutes by car from mui. Since it’s run by JA, you can also buy locally grown vegetables, and although it’s small, you’ll find everything you need. Since this is a local supermarket in Okinawa, you may be able to get a glimpse into the local life.

South roadside station Yaese

A roadside station in the neighboring Yaese town.
You can also purchase Okinawan seasonings and Okinawan souvenirs. There is also a direct farm market, with a selection of products similar to a small supermarket. About 10 minutes by car from our place. There is also a store where you can eat light meals.

San A Yaese city

There is a large supermarket located about 15 minutes by car from our place. You can also purchase food, medicine, and marine leisure supplies. We have a wide variety of products, so you can find almost everything you need for daily life. There is also a bookstore.